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There are many holy souls born into pure lines of Shakti worship, initiated by honourable Gurus, and issued essentially with a backstage pass to Ma's fabulous celestial temple through their birth and lineage. That is as it should be. But what about the rest of us? This rag-tag, mismatched army of seekers, born across the globe, born in different faiths, cultures and religious traditions, well... we all want to see Ma as well. But we find ourselves outside the gates and walls of the temple wanting to get in. And for this, we need some help from the inside.

Matangi Mata or Raja Matangi is, by tradition, one of the ten Mahavidyas or aspects of the Goddess as seen by Shiva, the unmanifest Mahapurusha as he gazes out to creation. She is, of course, the great Shakti Herself as much as any Mahavidya and is worshipped as such.

But She also has a special role as Mantrini, the Counsellor, the intercessor and steward of Raja Rajeshvari, Queen of Queens. This role gives Her a unique benefit to those outside the gates - that is most of us. Because She can speak for us, She can hear our pleas.

Why? Because Matangi (pronounced Maatangi not Mataangi), rules last of four particular stages of speech or utterance, Vaikharee, which involves both the outward expressed act of speaking and its explanation. Some say that She also represents the middle part of speech. She lives in the throat chakra.

This links Her with Saraswati, but a Tantric version, much wilder and less orthodox. Like all Tantric Mahavidya Goddesses She is essentially free and beyond conventions. Her hunger is for negativity in the soul of the seeker, which She eats and transforms into its pure energy, which in turn is then expressed outwardly in speech. It is as if her energy can take a person who is foul-mouthed, swears and curses, gobbles his food and has bad breath into a person who can swing the sweetest songs of devotion. Thus there is a fearlessness about Her, an ability like a capable and strong mother to take the dirtiest child, dump them in a bath, and not worry about spoiling her dress.

There is some complex cosmology behind this basic truth, but She as Mantrini is the one who can win for you the blessings of Lalita Parameshwari, the supreme Queen of Queens. She shares the Queen's regal power and splendour. But She talks to you. She gets you ready for the audience with the Queen of Heaven. She tidies you up. She teaches. She transforms. She puts a wild song in your heart. She gives you words to utter which spontaneously spring forth and contain great power.

She can also confer the most astonishing abilities to speak, to sing, to create, to weave words and understand the web of words in all its subtleties. This power is known as vagvilasa, sweetness and fluency in speech and great orators have it, like Martin Luther King, Barack Obama or John F Kennedy.

But it is important to realise too, that the power of the word is earth-shattering in its most fundamental reality.  it is "thunder speech" covered by the lips and encircled by the lips. It is tamed by confining this path into speech. The confinement, the taming, is what turns a raging torrent of the Word into the sweetest, purest water. Matangi Mata might tame us, but She is not tame herself.

Her support is also vital for all music and all musicians. She plays us as if we were a veena or tamboura, with our sushumna, or subtle central nerve hidden in the physical sheath of the spinal cord, as the instrument. In this way She opens our ears to hidden realms and sounds. She literally puts a song in our hearts.

Those She favours need to create! Therefore all musicians, poets, artists will be linked to Her in subtle ways.


Matangi's worship is easy worship, if you are called to Her. Her iconography is easy to spot, because (like the famous Goddess Meenakshi) the colour of emerald, with three eyes, wearing a crescent moon on her head, holding a hammer, noose, goad and shield in her four hands. Like Lalita she sometimes has a parrot and is therefore keera kara, with a parrot in her hand.

She rules the northwest direction.

She also is associated with low caste or casteless humanity, which in Kali Yuga includes a lot of us. This is the the reason why She is associated with "ucchista" or partially-eaten, rejected food. She is also Shyamalaa, the black object, the pure sound before it is expressed.


The most wonderful and merciful benefit of Mata Matangi is that you can worship Her and use Her mantra without the need for initiation. She will also accept food that is not complete, or botched pujas.  Thus she is a way in, for those desirous of Shakta worship.

Her seed mantra is Aim, (Aeeem) like Saraswati.
Hroum is another.

Her mantra is expressed slightly differently by different authorities, but this can be safely used:

Om Hrim Aim Shrim 
Namo Bhagavati
Ucchishta Chandali 
Sri Matangeshwari

Now some people being very timid, lacking common sense and always desirous of being told what to do immediately then want to badger the blogger with all sorts of questions about when to use, how long for, when to start, what procedures etc etc. This kind of thing is yet again that fatal sadhana enemy "Well, if someone tells me what to do, then I will do," but with a secret thought "Ah, well, if THEY tell me, I can cheat a little because its not my own thoughts on the matter." For goodness sake, be a little brave and grown up about it.

If you want to be a stickler for procedure, why then I suggest you pick an auspicious day in the Panchang, fast the day before, keep celibate for the week before, lay your desire to use this mantra before your puja, say your prayers. Then simply use it, as a statement for Japa which you repeat over and over. No doubt you will then ask, well for how long. Now that, my dear seeker, is up to you. But real sadhana only begins when you make your own efforts and stop waiting for instructions. Just do it!! And if you fail, then that's your own affair, not anyone else's.

Take on board the following advice from the Dasbodh of Shri Samartha Ramdas:

One should have constant remembrance of God.
The name of God should be repeated continuously.
One should not be without the name of God at anytime
Whether in a state of happiness, sorrow, distress, worry or joy.

Out of a thousand names of God
If even one name is remembered
One's life becomes fulfilled.
One who remembers God
becomes sacred and godliness itself.

Get the point? The idea of reciting one name is that you flood your life with it. Instead of stuffing your mind with thoughts of lust, self-pity, fancy, greed, delusion, fill it with sacred. This really is not difficult to grasp! If, even with this simple advice, you still dither about what name to use and when... then the joys and triumphs of sadhana will pass you by. 

Personal experience

I had very little awareness of Matangi for most of my life until one time in meditation a ferocious energetic force burst out in my inner awareness and I heard the name repeated many times over... Matangi, Matangi, Matangi. I did not know the name.  So I wondered who or what she was. This presence was extremely wild and strong.

Since then, I can see how important She actually has been throughout my life without my being aware of it. I write for a living, speak in public a lot. I play and create music. I paint. I love words. So Matangi and me have had a relationship without me knowing about it! I also "get" the whole principle of a counsellor, a minister, an intercessor. Perhaps you do, too. We humans are aware intensely of our own impurity when approached celestial realms, and I can never imagine ever being pure enough to sit in the halls of Mahalakshmi. But this minister has an ability to interact with us. She is merciful. She brings many blessings.

She also produced a fantastic joyful miracle. And this is all about music: I first learned to play the guitar when I  was 19 years old, but was always drawn to play it unusually, mostly ragas, for which the guitar is not wholly suited. Then up popped the bouzouki, an instrument with 8 strings, beautiful to play, the essence of joyous music making. It landed in my lap with a little miracle as well - a very expense instrument sold at a third of its value because its outer packaging was a little torn! This bouzouki, which I play every day, is a little slice of Gandharva heaven, and I thank Mother Matangi for it, absolutely.

Contemplate her after you read this. Has She been secretly blessing your life all this while? It may be so.


  1. Namanste Swamiji,

    I have been praying to Matangi ma for about an year now, though i have not been consistent in my sadhana I do try and repeat her mantra whenever I get time. Had felt sudden changes in my speech and surprisingly even my ability to sing had improved in between (I also play for an alternative rock band). Recently I had purchased a Matangi yantra locket and have been told to chant the mool mantra which is 'Aim Hrim Klim Matangyayi hum phat swaha'. However in all possible places I searched the mantra seems to be 'Aim Hrim Klim Matangyayi phat swaha' i.e without the 'hum'. Please advise the correct mantra as I do not want to chant incorrectly. Thanks for your helpul advice as always.

    1. Alt rock band... Fantastic use of Matangis grace! I would include the Hum, but remember to pronouce all the elements of the matra correctly, particularly phat, which sounds more like phatr! The vowels in aim, hrim, klim etc are all long, hence aeem, kleem etc. enjoy, and keep at it, as you may well be the only Matangi Ma devotee in an alt rock band.

    2. Pranam Gurudev !

      I have been a devotee of Mata Matangi since early 2015(more than 2 years now). I don't follow any special ritual but just keep on reciting this mantra, though I'm highly irregular in that.I was introduced to this Mantra by an astrologer who knew that I wanted to go for higher studies and make it big in management studies and business.The mantra he gave me was as follows:
      "Aum Kleem Matangi Saafalyam Mae dehi dehi Swaaha."

      Can you please confirm if I'm reciting the correct mantra.
      Best Regards.

  2. Baba T,
    As i read this, i realised how Matangi Ma has been secretly blessing me by giving me a talent for singing, playing instruments and having a flair for writing and poetry.
    As i gazed intently at her photo, i felt a sort of recognition and love towards her.
    Similar to a previous comment, I play in a Metal band.
    I used to think that metal music was totally in contrast with my spiritual yearning, but now I've learnt to feel Her presence in that too, expressing Herself in a dark and wild way.
    Thank you for your heartfelt and informative article :)
    - Arjun

    1. A metal band... Ah, your Rahu must be strong in your jyotish chart. She is fearlessly in all....

  3. Greetings Baba T,
    From your experience and observations of others, how long would it take to see amazing results and a noticeable improvement in writing, speaking, music production and poetic abilities at 1000 recitations or more per day, plus nightly feedings at the crossroads, cremation grounds and forests? What kinds of occult powers does she give for accomplished sadhaks? I plan on reciting poems over music in front of large crowds and I would like to produce my own music and I would like her help. Thank you!!

    1. This is not a business or commercial transaction. This is not even a worldly transaction. This is the world of the Mother. In my experience, only when true love is kindled without any expectations of results, then those results come. You want to be this great famous poet in front of crowds? Then dont make the Mother a kind of wish fulfilling genie out to fulfill your grandiose plans. She will not dance to your tune with this attitude. That is my experience...

    2. I did not mean any disrespect to you or the mother. Actually, in my astrology chart, it indicated that in this incarnation I am meant to communicate metaphysical information through speech and writing, I have written poetry in the past and I am writing science fiction now and I would like to maximize my talent.....that's all.

    3. Ok, understood. Good luck with your creative endeavours. May uncovering your talent be a process of blessing to you and others.

    4. Namastey Guruji

      Guruji, just few days back I have started reading your blog and I want to give you thank you as I was so disturbed and showing kundlies to different astrologists baba's n was running blindly everywhere for a peaceful life but still restless n useless ....but after reading ur blog now I am little satisfied that what I was looking outside is just within me....thank you guru ji

      Guruji I want to know more about Matangi ma as I am doing her mantra japa of "Om Hring Kling Hoong maatangayi phat swaha" this a rite matra . Guruji I want to keep matangi yantra but I have no idea how to worship it ....would you please guide me ?....n m wearing a five mukhi rudraksh it important to wear whole mala or a single bead is also equivalent m wearing only a single bead .

      Please guide me

  4. This mental disturbance may all be very emotional and exhausting, but it's like a dog running round in circles trying to catch its own tail... it's not necessary in sadhana. You carry on with this mantra, as for the yantra, well do as your own culture requires. Single bead, 5 mukhi rudraksh, may that remind you every day of what is important, what heals you and what harms you. Now: enough doubts and fears. If you seriously want to follow Maatangi Ma, then follow Her! You have bought the ticket, now get on board the train, and do the practice!

  5. Hello Guruji,

    I came across your blog while looking for information regarding Maa Matangi. Very interesting and informative article about your experience with the holymother. I am an actor by profession. I want to enhance my creativity, knowledge and experience in the field of arts. I am planning to buy Maa Matangi locket and start worshipping her. Is this the right mantra to pray to Mata Maatangi? "Om Aim Hreem Kleem maatangyayi hum phat swaha".
    Kindly advise on the correct mantra to worship the goddess. And instead of 'swaha' at the end, can we use 'Namah'. What is the difference?

    Your guidance will be very helpful.

  6. An actor, eh... so then, if you want to worship the Mother in this way, remember that the key thing to keep the connection vibrant is to practice your profession, and be respectful of all artists and creative people: so, instead of thinking about creating, you actually do create. The key isd in the doing, that's where the Mother's link is established and the grace flows.

    The mantra ideally is the one given in the blog. In the other instance, substitute Kleem with Shrim (Shreem) and just after Her name, use namaha, ie not hum phat svaha. Svaha is an interjection used at the end of offerings. Namahah, as i'm sure you know, means "I bow to, I honour".

  7. Thank you Guru ji for your guidance.

  8. Guruji can we do the sadhana without initiation ?
    I am reciting "Aum Hrim Aim Shrim Namo Bhagavati Ucchishta Chandali Sri Matangeshwari Sarvajanavashankari Svaha" for 108 times.
    Please advise.

    1. Now come on, dont be so silly. Read the post again... Carefully this time around! You will find the answer written there. Digest the answer. Matangi Ma is mercy and kindness to all of us borne in wastelands

  9. Hi plz provide more information how to start the mantra

  10. Hi plz provide more information how to start the mantra

  11. Hi plz provide more information how to start the mantra

  12. Hello I am a lalitha tripurasundari and mahakali sadhaka I would like to know the offerings made to invoke my mother maatangi in me

  13. S.Bhag Singh Lamba was disciple of Maha yogi Shivabalayogi Maharaj. He was salt commissioner of India in year 1965. He had written a book on "science of Spiritualism" published from Hoshiarpur. I want that book. Anybody having it?

  14. Namaskar!
    Tell me please nyasa that I need to do before the recitation japa of Matangi's mantra. i do japa every day, but i don't know nyasa and i recite Matangis Kavacha befor to do the japa.
    Thank you.

  15. The Nyasa I do not know, but this is not the point. What is the purpose of Nyasa? It is to cleanse, to consecrate, to prepare. And you do not need to speak a foreign language to do this properly. No. Simply in your own language touch the relevent parts of your body eith your right hand, second and third fingers, after dipping them in sacred water. And say "in Thy service, for Thy Love". That will purify. Always purify everything eith intentions of love.

  16. Thank you.
    There may be a mantra that should be read before the Japa?

  17. It's lovely to read your post sir. I have been doing matangi mantra on and off from many days. I have observed that I am drawn to music and have made my first music video on Lord Shiva last week. I can also observe the presence of parrots wherever I go. It brings so much joy to know that she is responding.. :-)

  18. Yes, She brings very much joy. So do i, I glad to see your post. :-)

  19. Matangi Ma literally called me a few weeks ago. I knew absolutely nothing about her, and felt compelled to read about her. I have never felt this "infatuation" before, never been particularly religious although always aware of my spirituality. It is so clear to me now that She has been around all my life. I am so greatful. I totally identify with your experience, and very much appreciate how empowering your post is for us. I have been trying to find information about which gemstones are most auspicious to worship her, since I want to craft my own mala. Can you help me? Jai Ma!

    1. What a lovely comment, thankyou for it! Gemstones... Well, good question, as gemstones normally link to planets. Given that her colour is green, there is an option, but a mala of emeralds might be... Impossibly expensive. If in doubt... Rudrakshas.

  20. namaste guruji. my name is aruna. one lady gave me a mantra i.e. rajamatangi mantra when i was seriously trying for jobs.actually never i knew amma as rajamantangi. butas rajarajeswari. from that day i started to know about amma as rajamatangi her form reading articles i am so happy to see her and tears inmy eyes. sir i am very serious of employment sir. my family also need my support. please advice. i am holding amma and expressing everything toher with pure heartthinking that she iswith me. please advice me further

  21. Your English is very hard to understand. If you really are as you put it holding Amma why do need advice? But devotion is not just a few fine words and fancy phrases. Either you follow the Devi or you dont. If you do, trust in Her and know that everything is for the best and stop all this misery thinking. Understand?

  22. Sri matrey namaha..Hello swami ji I am Praveen mathangi upasak my guru is a purna uppasak of Raja rajeshwari; we are constructing mathangi temple in Hyderabad, already idols are ready in mahabali puram tamilnadu.. just bless me without any interrupts in construction

  23. i'm sure you have the blessings of every person of goodwill who reads this blog. Good luck, it is in the Mother's hands where She comes to live. But may She live in the hearts of all devotees who visit your temple!

  24. Dear Baba,

    I love your blog. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us so simply and generously! I am currently in the midst of a sadhana for Ma Kali and I also wish to honor Ma Matangi next month - I am an aspiring writer and would love to celebrate Devi's grace through my work. Is it alright to worship multiple Mahavidyas? I can't imagine it being wrong, given that they are all manifestations of Adya Shakti but I have heard conflicting views about this. In your experience, is it better to focus on continued sadhana of one Mahavidya? I am a little confused.

    Many thanks, in advance.

    1. Sometimes you drink coffee, sometimes tea, sometimes water... The world is full of multiplicity. You choose. But each Mahavidya is a portal into the unchanging, each is valid. Dont let the mid tangle up what is a simple matter.

    2. Nice analogy. Thank you!

  25. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. What will get you to your heights in your profession is hard work and dedication. She is not some kind of tame servant or good luck charm for worldly ambitions. If you want sincere advice it is this. Read the title of the post and see what you appear to have missed: SADHANA helper not some short cut to worldly success. Only when you actually aim to pursue spiritual discipline would Matangi help. Otherwise,you go pray to the auspicious Devi of prosperity and sustenance known to all.. mother Lakshmi.

    2. There is no problem in praying any god/goddess for anything. Let it be adhyamik or sansarik desire. The only thing required is reverence and love in the deity. Just remember three points said by lord Vishnu in Vishnu puran:- 1 God helps even the one who does enormity with him, then no need to think of those who come with request or pleading for any desire. 2 rules are necessary for different rituals in certain way, but one who gets Sun of bhakti or little love towards deity, all rules become as stars which lose significance in front of Sun. 3 the sages or Pandit who move towards real Sadhana, should neither push the bhaktha attached to world for mukthi Sadhana, nor should discourage him that he's inappropriate in seek of worldly desires;because it's the responsibility of the deity to push him towards advaita or niraka or sadguru

    3. Ok, well... You had your say. Thank you for the time you took to write the words. But did you read the post first?


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